Toward an economy of well-being

Two luminares in the fields of the measurement of subjective well-being and positive psychology, Ed Diener and Martin E. P. Seligman have published an interesting paper Beyond money: Toward an economy of well-being .2004 Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 5, 1-31, in which they suggest the creation of a national well-being index to be measured periodically and used to assist policy making. Such an index would provide a stronger set of findings as current findings are often based on “diverse and incommensurable measures of different concepts, in an haphazard mix of respondents”. The article reviews the literature on the impact on well-being of economic variables.

Other interesting links

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Ruut Veenhoven, The Netherlands
A large directory of happiness research and related materials

Positive Psychology (Martin E.P. Seligman)
The Martin Seligman Research Alliance on Positive Psychology


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