CO2 emissions turn oceans to acid

Tim Radfor, in the article CO2 emissions turn oceans to acid in The Guardian 1 July 2005, writes that according to a Royal Society report published 30.6.05 “ Soaring carbon dioxide levels have begun to make the oceans more acidic.

This increase in acidity may have several adverse effects on marine life. It could, for instance, increase the levels of toxic metals dissolved in coastal waters and make it more difficult for large fish to breathe.

Writes Radfor: “John Raven, of the University of Dundee, who headed the Royal Society’s working group, said: “Our world leaders meeting at next week’s G8 summit must commit to taking decisive and significant action to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Failure to do so may mean that there is no place in the oceans of the future for many of the species and ecosystems that we know today.


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