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Natural resource courses on podcast

UC Berkeley offers two interesting courses on natural resource management issues on podcast. One is called Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society, the podcast is available from here.
The second is Natural Resources and Population
and the podcast is available from here.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank UC Berkely for providing free access to these courses.


Measuring sustainability

How can we know are we moving towards a more sustainable society? For a brief and reader friendly review of sustainability indicators see Joy Hecht’s “Tracking Sustainability: A Review of Strategies” Paper prepared in conjunction with the USEPA Workshop on Sustainability. February, 2006.

Endangered fish species and UK supermarkets purchase policies

Mark Tran reports in the Guardian, February 23, 2006, that Sainsbury has pledged it won’t no longer sell endangered fish species such as skate and huss (read more from here). This is just the most recent step taken by UK supermarkets to ensure that their fish comes from sustainable farmed or wild sources.
The Marine Conservation Society has ranked UK supermarkets according to how sustainable their fish purchases are. The best three were:
1 M&S Sells 15 species that are safe, and only one on the endangered list
2 Waitrose Sells 20 species that are recommended and three that should be avoided
3 Sainsbury’s Sells 16 products certified by Marine Stewardship Council, and five under threat.
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