Monthly Archives: September 2006

Economists on Climate Change

Gerard Wynn on Planet Ark: Reuters Daily World Environment News asks: “Will the spending needed to prevent global warming cost the world more than just sitting back, or even enjoying the possible financial benefits of a hotter planet?” He claims that: “Economists are divided over that cold financial calculation in the week ahead of a major report on the issue to be presented to ministers of the world’s leading nations.” . Read more from here,

Conservation psychology

Surfing the net I stumbled upon the Conservation psychology site. Conservation psychology uses theories and methods from psychology to find ways to encourage proenvironmental behaviors. Its area of research thus overlaps with that of environmental economics which, among other things, searches for effective and efficient policy instruments to encourage pro-environmental behaviors. The conservationpsychology site is rich, among other things, it offers a bibliography (up until 2004) of papers on conservation psychology and information about scholars in the field. One excellent scholar is John Thøgersen; a list of his publications can be found here.