Monthly Archives: December 2006

Economists' blogging

Economists’ blogging is attracting attention. Here is an interesting story from the LA Times ( November 23 2006).
People are starting to see economics a little bit the way they started to see psychology 60 or 80 years ago, when they embraced it as a useful, practical tool for understanding human behavior” says Stephen J. Dubner New York Times reporter and co-author of the book “Freakonomics” .

Environmental economics and mainstream economics

Robert Metcalfe at Natural Capital asks: Is environmental economics relevant within mainstream economics?

He writes: ‘Repec released a top 200 list of economics journal articles that have received the most citations, unweighted and weighted. If my eyes havenít deceived me, there are NO environmental or resource economics journals in the top 200, for both lists…What is environmental economics doing wrong? Ok 200 is not a big list, but hey I was still expecting one article.
I suppose I too was expecting at least one. Food for thought.