What Good Teachers Say About Teaching

Today, while searching the net I stumbled across ‘What Good Teachers Say About Teaching’, an interesting publication which collects the statements on teaching of the recipients of UC Berkeley’s Distinguished Teaching Award.
The introduction presents ten statements about teaching on which all recipients agreed. Here they are:

1. The teacher’s main task is to guide students through the learning process, not to dispense information.

2. The goal of teaching is to help students read, speak, write, and think critically—and to expect students to do these things.

3. Learning is a “messy” process, and the search for truth and knowledge is open-ended.

4. Good teachers love their subject matter.

5. Good research and good teaching go hand in hand. Students’ engagement with the subject is enhanced by knowing about the teacher’s own research, and the interaction with students often provides new insights into the research.

6. The best teachers genuinely respect students and their intellectual capabilities.

7. Good teachers are rarely satisfied with their teaching. They constantly evaluate and modify what they do.

8. Good teachers usually had good teachers, and they see themselves as passing on their own teachers’ gifts to a new generation of students.

9. Good teachers treasure the small moments of discovery in the classroom and the more enduring effect they have on students’ lives.

10. Good teachers do not see teaching as separate from other activities; rather, they see their lives as remarkably integrated.


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