Trade, Tigers, and Elephants

Can we save wild tigers by selling off the parts of their domesticated cousins?‘ asks Brandon Fuller on Aplia Econ Blog.
In Tiger Conservation Revisited Fuller discusses again (see earlier post a proposal by Barun Mitra to legalize trade in domesticated tiger parts. Mitra argues that the selling of domesticated tiger parts would reduce price by increasing supply and thus decrease the profits from poaching.

In addition to Fuller’s post, Fisher’s (2003) article Trading in Endangered Species from Resources for the Future is also an interesting reading. Although the article deals with a different question, that is, whether governments should be allowed to sell rather than destroy confiscated endangered species products, the economic issue is basically the same.


One thought on “Trade, Tigers, and Elephants

  1. Lars Smith

    “Damania claims that the cost of poaching wild tigers will always be lower than that of raising domesticated tigers on a farm.”
    That is not true if you include the risk to the poacher of being shot by a game warden, or ending up in prison.


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