Undergraduate Microeconomics Teaching and Behavioral Economics

Are you lecturing or studying undergraduate microeconomics? If you are, you may be able to help me in my research. I am looking for undergrad microeconomics course syllabuses for a research on how the recent developments in behavioral economics are being incorporated into microeconomics teaching at undergraduate level.
You can e-mail me at chiara.lombardini-riipinen@helsinki.fi .

In exchange, I can promise their name in the acknowledgements (if wished) and, to all, open access to the research results as a WP posted on my webpage at http://www.mm.helsinki.fi/mmtal/ye/chiaraindex.html (approximately at the beginning of September 2007).
Also ideas and comments on how recent developments behavioral economics is/should be incorporated into the teaching of microeconomics are very welcome.

Why my interest in the teaching of behavioral economics to undergraduates? Asked by a reader of his blog about hot topics in economics, Greg Mankiw answered in his blog as follows: “Without doubt, the next hot research topic after new growth theory, at least here in Cambridge, has been behavioral economics, which integrates economics and psychology.

This research area is not only “hot” but extremely interesting (and challenging), so I believe it is appropriate to reflect on its incorporation into teaching.


2 thoughts on “Undergraduate Microeconomics Teaching and Behavioral Economics

  1. Lloyd Kaseke

    I am planning to do a doctorate in behavioural economics and I am looking for particularly interesting areas to pursue. So, I’ll be following your site for some ideas.


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