Internationalising Intermediate Microeconomics

As I go through the challenging experience of teaching intermediate microeconomics for the first time, I keep looking for good ideas on how to improve students’ learning and motivation. Today, I found a very inspiring article in the International Review of Economics Education by Elsa Galarza Contreras and Marianne Johnson: Internationalising Intermediate Microeconomics: Collaborative Case Studies and Web-Based Learning, IREE Volume 6 Issue 1, 2007. Below is the abstract

This paper describes an internationally-oriented course module for intermediate microeconomics.We describe the collaboration project as well as the results of implementing it at an US and Peruvian university. In the project, US university students were partnered with comparable students at a Peruvian university to complete a project using web-based learning tools and internet conferencing.

Project learning objectives are identified and an outline of the project and assignments is presented. Based on our experiences,we evaluate the project and consider problems and issues that arose. Our results suggest that the current state of web-based technology affords university students many opportunities to productively collaborate with their international counterparts.”


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