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Trade-offs in corporate sustainability

Here is an interesting call for papers: (from )

“Call for papers for a special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment Special issue topic:

Deadline for submissions: September 15, 2008

There is a growing literature on the so-called business case for sustainability. Scholars seek to determine if and under which conditions it pays off financially for companies to act environmentally and/or socially responsible. We acknowledge that research based on this win-win paradigm represents a promising starting point to gain acceptance in mainstream research and business practice. It is, however, based on a critical assumption, namely that the different aspects of corporate sustainability are mutually reinforcing. This sharply contrasts the complexity and multidimensionality of sustainable development where trade-offs and conflicts between economic, environmental, and social aspects represent the rule rather than the exception.

Such trade-offs have been systematically under-researched in the corporate sustainability literature. Therefore, in this special issue we invite submissions that explicitly address trade-offs in corporate sustainability. Contributions could focus on different levels of analysis and/or address the role of different actors. We further encourage papers that investigate and/or develop management tools and corporate strategies to effectively deal with trade-offs in corporate sustainability. Contributions that also address conflicts between different environmental and social concerns beyond their financial implications are particularly welcome.”  Read more.