Workshop for teaching assistants

I am organizing a three-hour workshop for teaching assistants. The workshop is meant to be their first introduction to teaching. If anyone has organized anything similar, I would love to exchange ideas. Below is a list of links for the workshops. If anyone has comments, suggestions, etc. they are very welcome!

Useful links – this list is compiled having in mind parsimony assuming that TAs will have little time and find a short list more useful.

I am not aware of any other handbooks for teaching economics, that are freely available on the internet. There are however several handbooks for teaching assistants.

Also excellent is the site

and the

Discussion lists

  • Tch-econ discussion list From the description of the discussion list: “This is a place to discuss ideas related to the teaching of economics. We particularly concentrate on undergraduate university-level teaching, but do occasionally foray into graduate or secondary-school teaching. This is also a place to make contacts and form collaborative teams to work on projects related to the scholarship of teaching and to multi-campus collaborative efforts. “

Peer-reviewed journals on economic education


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